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Protection, Security and

Maritime Antiterrorism

In the context of international security, there is almost unanimous consensus regarding the importance of intelligence and analysis of maritime environments to combat global terrorist threats.

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Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Focused on intelligence, counterintelligence and the analysis of security information, terrorism and organized crime.

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Incident and Security Management

Focused on incident management in complex situations such as conflict zones and specific risks such as CBRN.

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Analysis and evaluation of risks

Risk analysis, including risk assessment in corporate environments, prisons and in relation to radicalization.

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Terrorism, Global Security and Geostrategy

Focused on the study of terrorism, global security, international relations, geostrategy and defense.

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Protection, Security and Tactics

They cover personal and corporate protection, security in different environments, tactical first aid and police intervention tactics.

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Professional Security Training

Advanced and professional training in security management and analysis, including master's degrees and diplomas in relevant security areas.

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We are an institution dedicated to training where the student accesses the International Campus where they can find one of the best academic offers of specialized courses, postgraduate courses and training programs in relation to Security, Defense, Geostrategy, Leadership, Humanitarian Cooperation, International Relations , etc.

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Our courses are designed, structured and written by professional experts in the field of security, defense and global intelligence.

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Roman Franco

Security Teacher
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Martin Rodriguez

Defense Professor

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