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In-person – ITO Police Operational Tactical Intervention Course

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In-person – ITO Police Operational Tactical Intervention Course

About this course
Attention: In-Person Course! Start Date: Contact us for more information.

Continuous, specific and realistic training program where the professional who develops it will obtain tools to perform their duties.

In order to resolve any special circumstances that we may face. Aimed at experts or staff from organizations and institutions who wish to take a refresher course.

The challenges to protect our society are increasing and continue to change, when the words vulnerability, risk and combined threat appear mixed, a dangerous cocktail of possibilities is produced for an infrastructure and its environment that, if affected, could cause a worrying state for everyone. the levels.

What Will You Learn?

This course aims to fill these training gaps with the sole objective of providing a series of basic Techniques, Tactics and Procedures and being able to develop said intervention with the greatest security measures, both operational and legal.

This course is designed to update operating procedures. Within the training course, a different agenda can be developed as required, since it is an open structure.

Course contents

Safety Culture
Information in Intervention Conflict resolution Security in intervention Classification of intelligence Physical protection

Security Protocols
Citizen security Organized crime Police Tactics Human rights Preventive security Types of crime Terrorism

Operating procedures
Reduction operational techniques Team operational techniques Strategy and work under stress Entry into buildings Crowd control Basic positions Armed intervention Intervention in complex situations Intervention in vehicles Assessment of the situation

Shooting and Weaponry
Basic positions Moving shooting Tactical shooting Possible parapets

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