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What do we do?

We work with Global Security


Specialists in the implementation of cybersecurity techniques, offering personalized advice and protocols to protect the digital integrity of institutions and companies globally.


Experts in emergency management with a focus on effective crisis resolution, providing on-site operations and proactive response strategies for international clients.


We provide intelligence and counterintelligence services, using the most advanced methodologies to anticipate and respond to global security threats and needs.


With a solid presence in Latin America, Africa and Europe, we specialize in research that strengthens peace and international development through security and cooperation.

Comprehensive Security

We offer a full range of security services, both public and private, adapting our solutions to the dynamic and complex environments of our clients worldwide.

Private security

We are ready to provide private security and defense solutions, ensuring the comprehensive protection of companies and private clients in multiple sectors.

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Years of experience

Our Experience and Specialty

Our experience and specialty focuses on crisis resolution and risk management through the application of the latest and most modern intelligence and counterintelligence techniques, comprehensive security and protection procedures.

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Customers and Global Markets

International reach

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Risk and Crisis Control

Security Management


Professionals Trained


Lessons Completed


Agreements International


Countries with Presence

International Reach

Educative offer

The course offering has an international character, as it is available and directed to Spain, Latin America and the rest of the countries in the world. As these are courses that are mostly taught online, this offer is accessible to anyone, anywhere. In addition to our online course offering, we will have blended and in-person courses endorsed by Spanish and Latin American universities.

Vocational training

Our mission

We are an institution dedicated to training where the student accesses the International Campus where they can find one of the best academic offers of specialized courses, postgraduate courses and training programs in relation to Security, Defense, Geostrategy, Leadership, Humanitarian Cooperation, International Relations , etc.

Special Prices for Latin America - Find out about our rates adapted to the region.

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