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Intelligence Applied to International Terrorism

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Intelligence Applied to International Terrorism

About this course
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In the context of international security, there is an almost unanimous consensus related to the importance of using intelligence as a key factor to combat the global terrorist threat, because it allows us to prevent and anticipate terrorists before they materialize. During the development of this course you will study and learn the definitions and the conceptual theoretical framework of terrorism, its global facet, the process of terrorist radicalization and deradicalization, as well as the use of intelligence against international terrorism.

There are several essential features of what is currently called "global terrorism" that allow groups of different origins and, often, without operational connection, to be included within this same category.


In order to organize a flexible title that responds effectively to the achievement of the objectives proposed for the course training and to acquire the necessary skills in the domain of activities, the course is developed using a methodology based on the following elements:

  1. Initial list of topics and exercises that each module contains and that are developed throughout the course.
  2. Syllabus content in web format with texts, photographs, images, graphics and necessary teaching resources that address the topics in each training session and serve as theoretical and practical support for the student's training.
  3. Supporting documents that will serve for reading and analysis and complement the content of the syllabus, which may consist of articles of interest, magazines, videos, etc.
  4. Self-assessment at the end of each content so that the student can consolidate concepts and data.
  5. Videoconferences with voluntary attendance by students, being recorded for later viewing.
  6. The student will have individualized tutoring, which will serve as continuous support so that the student achieves the objectives and optimal knowledge.
  7. Forums and messaging in which the student can interact with the teacher and contact them to resolve doubts.
  8. Bibliography provided to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to develop the double degree.
  9. Carrying out an individual research project to complete the training?

Online training guarantees compatibility with other student activities, being adapted to the individual learning pace with flexibility.

A value is attributed in hours of teaching, so the complete course requires a dedication of 100 hours. The programming of the subjects or modules that make up the double degree and their coordination through seminars or videoconferences guarantee that the hours are distributed over 8 teaching weeks of the academic calendar.


Certificate of Technical Specialist in Intelligence focused on International Terrorism

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the concepts and general aspects of terrorism.
  • Understand the characteristics and way of operating of international terrorism.
  • Know the processes of terrorist radicalization and deradicalization.
  • Understand the aspects related to the use of intelligence against international terrorism.
  • Carry out professional activities and tasks in intelligence to combat international terrorism.
  • Analyze the main recent terrorist threats and the consequences of changes in intelligence.
  • Promote proactive measures based on a deep understanding of radicalization and extreme political violence.
  • Perform effective analyzes based on the collection of information on terrorist threats.
  • Obtain tools to thoroughly understand the phenomenon of international terrorism.

Course contents

Radicalization and Deradicalization

International Counterterrorism Intelligence

Elements of Security against Global Threats

Guest Professor Presentation

Practical Assumptions

Final Module

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Jesus Sevillano Fernandez

General Director at A-GLOSS Agency of Global Security Services, Coordinator of the OISCOT/UEMC Academic Board International Security and Crime Observatory

3 Courses 0 Student

Montserrat López Melero

Accredited Professor with a PhD in Criminology, Criminal and Penitentiary. Analyst in Violent Behavior and Forensic Danger Profiles, Analyst and Researcher

2 Courses 0 Student

Raúl Pérez Rodríguez

He is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Army (in reserve) and General Commissioner of Intelligence (in retirement). Serves as Area Coordinator

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