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Global Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism

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Global Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism

About this course
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Upon completion of this course, you will obtain a certificate endorsed by:

The student will have the option of taking the training in the AVA Protocol Armed Violent Attacks and Emergency Level, and thus obtain Double Degree.

.This course will be complementary training about which information will be given during the completion of the certificate in Diploma in Global Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism


It is possible to understand security as a necessary condition for human groups and subjects, within the framework of which they can carry out the tasks and aspirations they value without being threatened.

The concept of security culture is always in a process of change due to the threats and vulnerabilities that we may encounter.
It is not only the existence of threats, but also the perception of them and their level of danger or risk that is at stake when we talk about security.

The word Security comes from the Latin securitas, which in turn derives from securus (without care, without caution, without fear of worry), which means free from any danger or harm. Security is the guarantee that people have of being free from all harm, threat, danger or risk; It is the need to feel protected, against everything that may disturb or threaten their physical, moral, social and even economic integrity.

Currently, global security problems have undergone a great transformation and are presented as challenges for the security of States and for humanity, and are considered of similar importance to traditional military threats against international peace and security.

Currently, being absolutely certain that an environment is safe can only be achieved by analyzing all the types of risks that we may face.


In order to organize a flexible title that responds effectively to the achievement of the objectives proposed for the course training and to acquire the necessary skills in the domain of activities, the course is developed using a methodology based on the following elements:

  1. Initial list of topics and exercises that each module contains and that are developed throughout the course.
  2. Syllabus content in web format with texts, photographs, images, graphics and necessary teaching resources that address the topics in each training session and serve as theoretical and practical support for the student's training.
  3. Supporting documents that will serve for reading and analysis and complement the content of the syllabus, which may consist of articles of interest, magazines, videos, etc.
  4. Self-assessment at the end of each content so that the student can consolidate concepts and data.
  5. Videoconferences with voluntary attendance by students, being recorded for later viewing.
  6. The student will have individualized tutoring, which will serve as continuous support so that the student achieves the objectives and optimal knowledge.
  7. Forums and messaging in which the student can interact with the teacher and contact them to resolve doubts.
  8. Bibliography provided to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to develop the double degree.
  9. Carrying out an individual research project to complete the training?

Online training guarantees compatibility with other student activities, being adapted to the individual learning pace with flexibility.

A value is attributed in hours of teaching, so the complete course requires a dedication of up to 200 hours. The programming of the subjects or modules that make up the double degree and their coordination through seminars or videoconferences guarantee that the hours are distributed over 16 teaching weeks of the academic calendar.

Evaluation criteria

To accredit the certification of the course in Global Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism, must be met:

  1. Professor's presentations
  2. Practical assumptions
  3. Exam

TITLE: Certified in Global Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism

With the option of double certification by completing the AVA Protocol Course.

What Will You Learn?

The main objective of this course is the highly qualified training of professionals and experts in the fight and prevention against terrorism.

  • Train highly qualified professionals in the fight and prevention against terrorism.
  • Turn the student into an expert in comprehensive security, terrorism and international geostrategy.
  • Improve learning in geostrategy, geopolitics, tactical security and counterterrorism.
  • Analyze the geostrategy and geopolitics of the Middle East and other critical areas.
  • Develop skills in concepts of Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Global Security and Armed Events.
  • Apply knowledge professionally, with skills in argumentation and problem solving in Counterterrorism and Global Security.

Course contents

Intelligence against International Terrorism

Armed Groups and Insurgency

Organized crime

Risk Exposure Planning

Preventive Security

Practical Assumptions

Final Module

3 1


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Jesus Sevillano Fernandez

General Director at A-GLOSS Agency of Global Security Services, Coordinator of the OISCOT/UEMC Academic Board International Security and Crime Observatory

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Montserrat López Melero

Accredited Professor with a PhD in Criminology, Criminal and Penitentiary. Analyst in Violent Behavior and Forensic Danger Profiles, Analyst and Researcher

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