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In-person – AVA Armed Violent Attacks

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In-person – AVA Armed Violent Attacks

About this course
Attention: In-Person Course! Start Date: Contact us for more information.

Course aimed at developing interventions in the face of violent or indiscriminate armed attacks, possible hostage taking, acquiring concepts to intervene in such situations. Action in response to terrorist acts, insurgency, hostage taking or complex incident in a risk area.

The concept of active incident is based precisely on highlighting the role of potential victims in minimizing the number of casualties, but to do so, knowledge about how to manage this type of situation is a key element. The different environments of the attack, public roads, mass gatherings, events, closed public and private spaces.

As Immediate Interveners - which we can define as those victims and potential victims who are at the scene of the incident when it begins and develops. Action after the attack, perimeter security, care for the wounded, information collection, media coordination, single communication to the command center, organization of emergency service access, safe evacuation of civilians from the area with security and identification.

To carry out an effective resolution, you must have optimal mental preparation at the time of confrontation, to face it in an advantageous manner, practical training for better professional performance.

What Will You Learn?

  • Provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential to carry out a good resolution, in conditions of safety and effectiveness.
  • Armed violent incidents constitute events with great emotional impact capable of affecting the usual coping resources of individuals or groups.
  • Crisis management, the phases of stress in critical situations, special situations that may arise during an incident and how to deal with it.
  • Obtaining information for better intervention and effective communication in this type of situation.
  • The possible profiles that act and develop these armed incidents.
  • During the course of any intervention, exercise work with stress and resolution of armed conflicts. Terrorism, insurgency or complex incident in a risk area.
  • Development of specialized training in the field of urban maneuvers and close combat techniques, appropriate and framed in the current counter-terrorism and anti-subversive fight scenarios.
  • Assimilate the importance of teamwork and operational instructions within a security context.
  • Know the preparation of planning for protection operations that obeys the established requirements.
  • Understand how information is obtained and monitored.
  • Know the aspects related to protection and its relationship with security.

Course contents

Intervention Techniques

Operational Defense

Phases of Action and Evolution of the Incident

Security and Self-Protection

Individual and Group Tactical Work

Introduction to First Aid in Tactical Environments

Action Protocols in CBQ Properties

Information in the Intervention

Profiles and Behaviors

Intervention Guidelines

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