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Radicalization in Penitentiary Centers

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Radicalization in Penitentiary Centers

About this course
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The course “Radicalization in Penitentiary Centers and Risk Assessment Tools for Radicalization” provides a comprehensive and in-depth vision of the phenomenon of radicalization in the penitentiary environment. Taught and developed by A-GLOSS, this program addresses everything from the dynamic process of radicalization to intervention strategies and relevant criminological contributions in penitentiary centers.


The course combines a series of theoretical modules with a practical approach, including real case analysis, forum discussions, and practice laboratories, both in-person and virtual. Teaching resources such as texts, photographs, graphics and online interactions are used to facilitate interactive and deep learning.

  1. Initial list of topics and exercises that each module contains and that are developed throughout the course.
  2. Syllabus content in web format with texts, photographs, images, graphics and necessary teaching resources that address the topics in each training session and serve as theoretical and practical support for the student's training.
  3. Supporting documents that will serve for reading and analysis and complement the content of the syllabus, which may consist of articles of interest, magazines, videos, etc.
  4. Self-assessment at the end of each content so that the student can consolidate concepts and data.
  5. Videoconferences with voluntary attendance by students, being recorded for later viewing.
  6. The student will have individualized tutoring, which will serve as continuous support so that the student achieves the objectives and optimal knowledge.
  7. Forums and messaging in which the student can interact with the teacher and contact them to resolve doubts.
  8. Bibliography provided to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to develop the double degree.
  9. Carrying out an individual research project to complete the training

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion endorsed by A-GLOSS, accrediting their knowledge and skills in the management of radicalization in prison environments and the use of risk assessment tools.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the radicalization process in penitentiary centers.
  • Analyze national and international strategies and directives for intervention.
  • Understand the criminological aspects related to radicalization.
  • Learn to use risk assessment tools such as VERA, Protocol-18 and ERG 22+.
  • Develop practical skills to handle radicalization situations.

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